Learning Taekkyon With The Old Women.

Dr. Sanko Lewis also known as Soo - Shim Kwan, a resident of Seoul, wrote for KOREA Magazine this article about his experience learning Taekkyon and other students teaching him old Korean culture from their youth. This article was published in the August, 2017 edition of KOREA [2017 VOL.13 No.08].

Competition, Korea

Seoul Mask Festival 2017

A friendly Taekkyon competition was held between two Taekkyon teams on Saturday 14th October in the Nowon district of Seoul, at the Nowon mask festival (노원 탈 축제). This festival went on for two days. Both teams were made up of five members each, and the crowd divided and stood by their preferred team. As… Continue reading Seoul Mask Festival 2017

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Interview of Grandmaster DO Ki-Hyun

Interview of DO Ki-hyun (do@taekyun.org), student of SONG Duk-ki and president of the Kyulyun Taekyun Association, by Jean-Sébastien Bressy for TK Fan. (한국어판 밑에 있음 / Traduction française à la suite) 1. Grandmaster Do Ki-hyun, you came all the way from Korea to Paris and Honfleur (for the Korealive festival 8/18-8/27), France to present the… Continue reading Interview of Grandmaster DO Ki-Hyun