Competition, Korea

Seoul Mask Festival 2017

A friendly Taekkyon competition was held between two Taekkyon teams on Saturday 14th October in the Nowon district of Seoul, at the Nowon mask festival (노원 탈 축제). This festival went on for two days.

Both teams were made up of five members each, and the crowd divided and stood by their preferred team. As this was a friendly match reminicent of olden days Taekkyon matches, the crowd was very enthusiastic. The crowd cheered their favourite team, and favourite players whilst loud percussion and drums were played.

It was loud, and with a little shouting, but mostly there was a lot of laughter. Especially when a player from an opposing team was kicked in the head, thrown to the ground or tripped over.

Even though it was a competition, it was all in good spirit and festive.


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